You want love from others but others cannot love you.

    So what is possible then?

    Can you love these people?

    If you can´t love them they can´t love you.

    It all starts here, with you.

    Take care of yourself as gently, sweetly and lovingly

    as you would like to be taken care of.

    That’s where it starts.

    When you do this you start to generate a field of love.

    When you are loving towards yourself you are no longer needy

    and you stop looking for love outside.

    Then you are already full - and this is very attractive,

    because everybody is looking for this.

    This is how it works: you create this love field.

    You have it.

    It is in you.

    You know exactly what you need and you can give it to yourself.

    You can be loving with yourself and

    allow yourself to feel what you feel.

    You can accept yourself into the world.