Specials are recordings of selected, especially beautiful Satsangs.
The available formats are specified for each special.

All recordings in English with German translation.

  • New: Leben in der Wahrheit(Life in Truth) München 10.11.2017 (DVD, MP4, CD, MP3) Insights into ‘Daily life in truth‘
  • New: Wer bist du, wenn du nicht denkst?(Who are you if you don’t think?) Essen 8.10.17 (DVD, MP4, CD, MP3) Children: our teachers; the sabotaging mind
  • New: Die unvollkommene Schöpfung (Imperfect Creation) Korfu, 30.08.2017 (CD, MP3) God doesn’t make mistakes; self-love is compassion
  • Tauch in die Stille ein(Immerse yourself in Silence) Korfu, 30.08.2016 (CD, MP3) Family, Friendship, Identification
  • Korfu Special 2015 (MP3 Corfu Special 2015) 6 chosen Satsangs from the Holiday Intensive (MP3) Man/woman, relationships and freedom, being true to the moment,
    war and trauma
  • Alles ist Satsang(All is Satsang) Karlsruhe, 19.6.15 (DVD, MP4, CD, MP3) Letting go, relationship, surrender, meditation
  • Bleibe still!(Be still!) Köln, 17.1.15 (DVD, MP4, CD, MP3) Health, work/money, death
  • Im Feuer brennen(Burning in the Fire) Wien, 16.8.13 (DVD, MP4, CD, MP3) Pain, escaping, autohypnosis
  • Schlüssel zur Freiheit(Key to Freedom) Stiersbach, 23.6.12 (DVD, MP4, CD, MP3) Relationship/dependency, beyond the mind, totality
  • Hingabe an Gott: sei dir selbst treu (Surrender to God: be true to yourself) Dresden, 25.3.12 (DVD, MP4, CD, MP3) Surrender, idea of me, relationship, life in a community
  • Leichtigkeit im Alltag(Easy in Daily Life) Frankfurt, 14.3.12 (DVD, MP4, CD, MP3) There is really nothing to do
  • Spiel des Bewußtseins(The Play of Consciousness) Freiburg, 23.2.12 (DVD, MP4, CDMP3) Death, guilt feelings, judgments
  • More Specials from the years 2001 - 2010
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