October 16.10. - 23.10.20 Bad Zwesten
Autumn Retreat & Online

28.10. - 01.10.20 Madhubhan Satsang 
November 11.11. - 14.11.20 Madhubhan Satsang 

18.11. - 22.11.20 Madhubhan Satsang

26.11. - 30.11.20 Madhubhan Satsang
December 03.12. - 06.12.20 Madhubhan Satsang 

09.12. - 13.12.20 Madhubhan Satsang

20.12. - 26.12.20 Oberlethe Christmas Retreat

26.12. - 01.01.21 Oberlethe New Year Retreat

Satsang in the cities is cancelled and since March 2020 takes place only online from 7:30 p.m. mostly daily. 

There is the possibility to participate in Satsang on site. The Satsang room is open from 18:30 until about 22:00. Since we can only accept a limited number of participants, we ask for a short registration Tel: 0179 101 73 79 or Email: satsang@soham.one
The address (near Kirchheimbolanden) will be given upon registration.

All further Satsang dates in Madhubhan this year will be announced.

Retreats will take place as planned on site like Ranft in Switzerland, Bad Zwesten and Oberlethe.
Retreats in Madhubhan (Home of Soham) with the possibility of personal participation will be offered as far as the regulations allow.

For further information please click on the respective date in the table.