Dear Friends,

Here are some ways you can support Satsang, Samarpan and the team:

Distribute flyers at Satsang venues

If you would like to display flyers for Satsang events it would be senseful fo choose health food stores, cafés, meditation centers, yoga- and fitness-studios, doctor´s practices, copy shops, special pubs or cinemas and bookstores.
It has proven worthwhile to lay out flyers even as far away as 100 km from the city in which the Satsang takes place.

We will send you the amount of flyers required.

Set up of the Satsang room

If you want to help on the first day of Satsang please arrive at the Satsang room at 11 am.
During the first hours we especially need physically strong people to carry also heavy boxes.
Anyone who can give us 1 or 2 hours help with small tasks up to
6 pm is most welcome.

We would also be delighted if you could volunteer to become a regular helper in your city.

Crew accommodation

Our road team - Mikael and Narada Muni – would appreciate offers of accommodation during the public Satsangs in your cities. 
If you have a seperate room available for one of our team, please write

Please send all your feedback and information concerning flyers, set-up, and crew accomodation to: or phone 0049 (0)176 - 611 896 65

Accomodation for Samarpan & Rajma

Samarpan needs an apartment with 2 seperate bedrooms for himself and Rajma. 

Please write directly ro if you would like to make your flat available to Samarpan and Rajma for the Satsang time in your city.

Thank you very much